½ Price Rice – Jumia Ghana Gifts Customers With BLACK FRIDAY Appetizer

½ Price Rice – Jumia Ghana Gifts Customers With BLACK FRIDAY Appetizer

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‘’Donkomi oo, Donkomi’’

Familiar with this jargon? Anytime you pass through the markets at Kantamanto, Agbogbloshie
or Makola, you may hear the market women and young salesmen shouting these jargons and
ringing bells to attract customers. Often, they mean that the items on sale have been reduced to
being almost free. The prices of such items are often mind blowing as you may never have
heard or seen such anywhere else before. When shopping online, there are always so many
reduction sales and mega promos all over the internet. Everyday comes with it’s own discount
promo and shoppers end up getting tired of it.
Black Friday is by far the biggest online sale of the year worldwide with online shops giving
away huge discounts on all items up to 90% or more. This is often the best period to shop online
and many people save throughout the year for this wonderful opportunity. Ghana has over the
years joined in this epic shopping fiesta with Jumia at the forefront of these discount sales. Last
year was super exciting and very successful in terms of sales for vendors as well as satisfaction
for millions of customers who bought almost everything and anything they needed at close to
nothing prices. This year, Jumia Ghana presents ‘’Donkomi oo Donkomi’’ as an appetizer to
the upcoming Jumia Black Fridays Sale. How does this work? Let’s find out.

Be excited and be ready!
On the 22nd and 23rd of October this year, Jumia Ghana is offering it’s customers an
opportunity to enjoy a mouthwatering 50% discount on the 50 kg Excella rice. Yes! Enjoy
delicious, perfumed quality rice from Frytol at half the price only on Jumia. All you have to do is
download the Jumia app and order. You can only make one order at a time. In this era where
we do almost everything on our smartphones, you are missing out on great deals and amazing
discounts if you don’t have the Jumia app. This is where all the magic happens.
In preparation for this year’s Jumia Black Fridays sale where you get amazing discounts on all
products ranging from fashion, electronics to large appliances, Jumia brings you this great
opportunity to experience the app and be ready for the awesomeness that will unfold this year.

When is Jumia Black Friday?

This year is a special one and everything that comes with it has to be special as well.
All through the years, Black Friday sales have been tied to one particular day and in best cases
just a weekend. This year, it looks likely to follow the same trend for most online shops except
one. You know which one right?  Why give customers a short window to enjoy our amazing
deals when they can have it for weeks?
From 16th November to 7th December, Jumia gives you 4 whole weeks to enjoy the best deals
on a wide range of products. There will be mind-blowing deals throughout this period, but each
Friday will have EXPLOSIVE deals that won't be available during any other day of the 4 weeks.
You order online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Very convenient right? You either pay on
delivery or via MTN Mobile money. How easy and affordable can it be. It’s not just one Friday.On Jumia, Every Friday is a Black Friday.
You must be salivating already. There are lots of things in store during this year’s Jumia Black
Fridays sales. Just be ready! The main meal is on it’s way. Take advantage of this ‘’appetizer’’
and enjoy this ½ price rice promo. That jollof you have been craving is now just a few clicks
Credit : Jumia Ghana



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