17-Year-Old Son Of Pastor Love, Obaapa Christy Breaks His Silence

17-Year-Old Son Of Pastor Love, Obaapa Christy Breaks His Silence

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Gospel musician, Obaapa Christy tied the knot again last weekend after finally divorcing her first husband Pastor Love Hammond.

After over 4 years of battling the divorce case in court, Pastor Love and now Obaapa Christy parted ways legally in 2019.

Their divorce which did not come on a rosy path had both Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy washing their dirty linens in public.

When Ghanaians thought the dust has finally been settled, a new video that has gone viral has the ex-couple’s 17-year-old son detailing how the divorce is affecting him and his other siblings.

The 17-year-old boy together with his siblings who’s education has suffered greatly as a result of the tension between their parents explained that his uncles and aunties are partly to blame, Ghanaweb.com monitored.

According to him, they (children) are not only maltreated by their aunties and uncles, but they are attacked for taking anything that belongs to their mother.

“My mother’s siblings think every property of their sister is theirs. They attack me when I take anything that belongs to my mother. Her siblings were the ones who kept changing my school because my mother was outside the country,” he said in an interview.

The boy who is now in JHS 3 added that he ran away from his mother’s house to his father after his uncle threatened to beat him mercilessly.

“My uncle, who is called Caleb makes me kneel down, threatens to beat me mercilessly most of the time,” he said in the interview which Ghanaweb monitored.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com



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