Dzifa Smith Affaine talks career, baby loss and husband

Dzifa Smith Affaine talks career, baby loss and husband

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Celebrated Ghanaian TV personality, Dzifa Affaine (Mrs) revealed on The Zone on Starr 103.5FM Tuesday that she once lost a baby.

Dzifa made this revelation after host Naa Ashorkor read out a text message asking her if she really had all four of her children.

“Yes”, she replied, adding: “I went to the labour ward 5 times actually … but I have four living daughters.”

Sharing her story, the former host of’s The Late Night Celebrity Show said despite the pain of her loss, she stayed strong.

“It happened on the 19th of December 2010 and on the 24th I had a live show. The show had been planned. That has been the most difficult moment in my whole career since I started doing TV in 1996. I had to do the show. I had lost it on Sunday, was discharged on Tuesday or so. That’s where my husband comes in. He was there. He was standing right behind the camera and there were moments that I almost broke down. Because people had seen me on Friday night.”

According to her, she could not have missed work because she was so dedicated to her career.

“…If I hadn’t [gone to work] at that time, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come on television again. So I had to do it.”

Mrs. Affaine also celebrated her husband, Lieutenant colonel (retired) Edward Affaine, who she said gave her a reason to love again after her first marriage failed.

This is how she described the bond between the two of them: “You know when you are hit by love and it knocks you down and it knocks you flat and nothing can raise you up. You are just there serenaded in love. That’s the experience I have with Edward,” she said.



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