Living with Trisha Wins Big, Kyeiwaa is the real Queen Of Comedy…Checkout Photos From The Ghana Television Awards 2015

Living with Trisha Wins Big, Kyeiwaa is the real Queen Of Comedy…Checkout Photos From The Ghana Television Awards 2015

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After television license drama, one would imagine how this year’s television awards would transpire.This year’s edition was not so different from previous editions either,the delayed performances, the long talks, the prolonged speeches & more meant the show had to be dragged late into the night.

It began to get boring at some point and most of the crowd in the auditorium left in the middle of the show.Categories & nominees announcements stopped eventually but still really did not influence anything since it was rather late to come up with that decision but if that wasn’t suggested, i think we would’ve left the conference center at 6 in the morning.

The hosts, Afia Schwarzenegger and DKB were on top of their game as usual and it was them who actually saved the show when it looked like faltering.Bringing Gasmilla at the end of the show was also evident how bad the programming was.

Everybody had left when he came to perform but upon hearing the voice of the “telemo” singer dragged them all back into the auditorium.

I will bring a full review on the event but for now checkout photos from the night which saw a triumph for “Office palava” and “living with trisha” producers. Actor Toosweet Annan won his first television award in his first nomination as well….
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