Kumawood Actress Kyeiwaa Seeks DIVORCE Just 5 Days After Marriage

Kumawood Actress Kyeiwaa Seeks DIVORCE Just 5 Days After Marriage

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This sounds like one of the many interesting Kumawood movies with Kyeiwaa (real name Rose Mensah) as the lead—except that, this is real…
After barely 5 days of marriage which was followed by reports that the man (Daniel Osei) Kyeiwaa married was already married—actress-Rose Mensah is reported to be seeking for divorce.

It’s been back and forth since the weekend marriage ceremony and earlier today, we reported that “the wife of Kyeiwaa’s supposed husband came out to give a timeline of how the man remains her husband despite the marriage to Kyeiwaa, she keeps on staking her claim to him in numerous media appearances.”
The lady, Rose Kyei, spoke to Kasapa News’ Maame Obroni. According to her, her husband has already come back to beg for forgiveness and to her it’s no problem, and that they’ll be reunited.”

Now, it has emerged that, Kyeiwaa is tired and she seems to have realized that, indeed Daniel Osei lied to her—as such, she is asking for divorce.
According KasapaFM, “Kyeiwaa has asked for separation from the man, Daniel Osei, whose attempt to deceive two women, his first wife the other, has caused problems for the actress.”

Apparently, Kyeiwaa’s 5 days marriage has finally hit the rocks…
Veteran Kumawood movie star Kyeiwaa got married last weekend in a highly publicised ceremony but there isn’t going to be any happily ever after.
It did not take long after the marriage for rumblings to start going around that her supposed new husband, Daniel Osei, has already been married. Initially it seemed just to be normal media mischief but the story has grown legs since and now it looks like Kyeiwaa’s new marriage is in legitimate jeopardy.
Divorce after 5 days? That’s not even possible—if the man was indeed already married, then his marriage to Kyeiwaa can’t be deemed as marriage.
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