Drug Abuse: Codeine syrup ‘killing’ the youth – Reggie Rockstone

Drug Abuse: Codeine syrup ‘killing’ the youth – Reggie Rockstone

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The pioneer of the Ghanaian Hip-Life movement, Reggie Rockstone has highlighted the need for the government and big wigs in the Ghanaian music industry to advocate against the emerging use of hard drugs by the youth across the country.

According to him, cough and cold medicines containing ‘Codeine’; a derivative of opium which is initially used to relieve cough and pain is being consumed at a higher-than-prescribed dose among the youth to act as a sedative.

He further disclosed that, the ‘Codeine Culture’ emerged from the influence of the western culture upon our society.

“There is codeine syrup drug affecting the kids. Do you know what meth is? Don’t play with your life. It comes with the music. We have to be careful. The authorities need to work. It’s serious!” he said during an interview on Hitz FM’s morning show, Daybreak Hitz. It’s clear that he is aware of how vital it will be to help people who are suffering from dug abuse and provide them with drug and meth treatment.

The ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Road’ hit maker added that, the recent upsurge of crime across the country can be checked if the government wages war on drug abuse among the youth.

“This is another campaign If you drink Benylin don’t come close to me. It’s not a good thing. People are going into the pharmacies. Something needs to happen and happen now. Some of the crimes are affiliated to these. We have to be very careful…” he advised.

Meanwhile, the CEO of BullHaus entertainment Bulldog indicated the price of the Codeine infused drugs have shot up due to higher patronage among the youth.

He lambasted politicians in the country for failing to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth.

“Now they have increased the prices [of cough mixtures] because people are buying. There is a lot more to it. If kids go to school and they are done with no work [Available], this is what happens. What are the parliamentarians doing…?” he queried.


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