Is Recently Married Gifty Asante Cheating On Her Husband?

Is Recently Married Gifty Asante Cheating On Her Husband?

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A Picture circulating on social media has the face of a lead character in the series What’s Up Online Series who could be seen in bed with a strange lady.

From the pic the guy in question is called Abu Amoako who is better known in the series as A.J. whiles the lady  is alleged to be called Gifty Asante who is a married lady can be seen in real intimacy and lovy-dovy moments. One can judge from the pic the intimacy and romance that is been depicted by the two is not just a mere friendship thing.

Upon contacting Long Jon the P. R of the production he informed us that they are both characters in their yet to be launched season 4 of What’s Up Online Series and in no way are the two in any relationship of any form. He said “They are both professionals who took to play their character roles professionally and exhibited it with soo much brilliance”. He went ahead to call on Ghanaians to embrace and support the series by subscribing to it YouTube channel and sharing their links as they wait patiently for the launch of Season 4

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