Better To Give My Tithe To The Needy Than The Church – Dumelo

Better To Give My Tithe To The Needy Than The Church – Dumelo

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Actor John Dumelo has said that instead of giving his tithe to the church which does not need it, he usually gives it out to the needy on the streets so they could also have a better life.

The issue of tithing has been on the discussion table on social media with a section of social media users insisting that there is no need paying tithe to the Church since it is just enriching Pastors whiles Church members continue to be poor.

However, there are some churches that desperately need the help of the community through tithes. This form of payment ensures that the pastor’s salary is enforced, the church’s lights are kept on, and the needs of the community are met. Without tithes, the Church may find difficulty in running. Additionally, tithes remind us all where our priorities must lay as children of God. Tithing, interestingly, is starting to move with the times and modernize into the 21st century. Many Churches are imposing a Text To Give Church service to make it easier for members to do their bit. This is much more efficient in giving.

John Dumelo stating his stands on his Twitter page said “I give my tithe to the needy most of the time. I think they need it more than the church. I don’t know if it’s wrong.”




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