Who Is A Celebrity In Ghana: Kwaisey Pee’s Answer Will Shock You

Who Is A Celebrity In Ghana: Kwaisey Pee’s Answer Will Shock You

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The celebrity chats are sweet and even enjoyed by politicians because we get to hear what they have been keeping from the public eye over the years.

Unfortunately, we don`t get to enjoy them like most people would want to so when any opportunity comes through radio or television interviews, what you have to do is to sit quietly, get your cold drink (alcohol or non-alcoholic), jot down points and when all is said and done, you can also brood over the important ones raised from the conversation between the journalist and your favourite star.

Thanks be to God, one of such rare opportunities happened this morning on an Accra based radio station Hitz 103.9 FM with KMJ the African Baby on his Day Break Show. 

With the power vested in me by the newest manager of Kwaisey Pee Nana Poku Ashes, Kwaisey Pee was on the show to promote his latest single called “Ma Bre” featuring Yaa Yaa and www.sammyflex.com did the most reasonable thing. 

We prepared the notes from the interview as was said exactly by the interviewee to be kept in the archives against his subsequent interviews and future sake. 

Please enjoy some of the valuable, most memorable and captivating statements from the man who just came out of the “apology room” with the entertainment media in Ghana when he begged them to forgive all his sins over years. Kwaisey, you have been forgiven but make sure you sin no more.

Follow the conversation this way:

“Lots of people refer to me as unfriendly or rude but that’s not the case. I am a guy who loves being laid back or you can call me the reserved type. I grew up a quiet person. I am very jovial and i love to hang out a lot but if you don’t come closer you might think i am not friendly in our first encounter” , make no mistake again because Kwaisey Pee is a friendly guy that`s why he composed a song called “Me hia odo”.

“Lots of people relate to my quietness as me trying to live a celebrity life, but that’s far from the real facts. I don’t consider myself no where close to a celebrity. In my opinion, i am just me doing music” copy this too coming from the smooth rasta haired singer because it`s very necessary.

“Back in the United Kingdom where I lived most of my life celebrities are worshiped, they are huge icons and you can’t even go close to them. They have the money to back their talent, their royalties alone can sustain them for a life time. They live luxurious life, drive the best cars, own private jets and many have huge investments credited to their names. But over here it’s not the case as most of our celebrities struggle to put up a face to their names and it’s not funny. If we had royalty laws to guide our craft, i am sure our status would change. So i would plead with the laws of the land to help all the collective bodies to help our arts and entertainment”, facts and opinions shared from Kwaisey Pee.

No need to go commit suicide if you don`t agree with him. More importantly, remember that the song and the video called “Ma Bre” featuring Yaa Yaa are the materials you need as you discuss the story and please remember to listen to the lyrics attentively and do what it says. You can thank me later!!!

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