Choose Happiness Regardless Of Your Challenges – Victoria Michaels To ‘Broken’ Fans

Choose Happiness Regardless Of Your Challenges – Victoria Michaels To ‘Broken’ Fans

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International model Victoria Michaels yesterday celebrated her birthday, and she used that opportunity to inspire young people who are ‘broken’ to stay strong and be optimistic.

She advised them not to give up in life no matter the difficulties they are going through.

According to her, thoughts that there is always light at the end of the tunnel should always be their motivation to keep moving in life.

Victoria is one of Ghana’s models who have been involved in a number of humanitarian activities to inspire others, apart from her modelling career.

The entrepreneur and global change activist is the founder of the Victoria Michaels Foundation and the convener of ALDI (African Literacy Development Initiative), which has been involved in many causes to give hope to the hopeless over the last few years.

On her birthday, she said, “Today, I celebrate the gift of life, the blessing of living and the hope of making something meaningful out of my continuous sojourn here. So people have lost the reason to keep on living, many are either depressed or broken, and on this day like every day my wish is to reach out to them, hug and inspire them to heal and live so they know that no matter what there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I celebrate the gift of life because somewhere in the world, people are struggling to survive, holding on to the last thread of hope. Just knowing that I have been given another opportunity to continue living, inspiring, empowering and motivating people every day with my gift as a model, global shaper and humanitarian @victoriamichaelsfoundation , gives me a reason to celebrate,” she further stated on Instagram.

“Lastly, I will celebrate every day in November because I’m ridiculously blessed and happy to be living LIFE, I thank you Lord Jesus. My message for y’all today is to choose happiness regardless of the situation you are in! The universe will always remove what’s no longer serving you,” she also added.




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