FCA Model Bootcamp

FCA Model Bootcamp

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FCA is an International Organization which is known for supporting & giving creatives in the  Fashion Industry the global exposure they need to better their craft through training, capacity  building and an annual Fashion Week to display their talents and give them the right global  exposure. We may also provide them with startup resources depending on what their individual  needs are. 

Today the 30th of September, we are happy to outdoor the Fashion Connect Africa Model  Bootcamp, first of its kind in Africa for Models and Creatives alike. This event, an initiative of  acclaimed Top Model and Entrepreneur Victoria Michaels who is also the Chief Inspiration  Officer of FCA, is slated for the 22nd & 23rd Of October, 2021.The goal of this event is to create  an inspiring environment for models across Africa, in order to provide them with skills and  global career best practices such as: 

• Empowering them with additional skills to generate multiple streams of income • Preparing them for global modelling opportunities, cultural shocks and social diversities • Tutorials on creating Z-cards and portfolios 

• Photoshoot tips 

• Masterclasses on the importance of having the right management, placement and agency. • Educating models on the importance of pre-audition and casting preparations. • Capacity building on -the importance of 360 grooming 

The above programs were designed to mitigate some of the challenges models face in this part  of the world, like the lack of career sustainability due to limited opportunities, lack of global  acumen on the part of most models and the growing lack of capacity largely due to deficient  education. Unfortunately, these are sad realities that continues to stare us in the face. 

In her presentation, Victoria Michaels indicated that, “it is increasingly obvious that we don’t  have enough events/platforms for models to gainfully monetize their craft on a consistent basis.  Over the years, there has been a continuous migration of models to other climes to seek greener  pastures and we at FCA believe that these talents can be nurtured, empowered and deployed with  both the right mind and skill set for generating multiple streams of income.”  

She stated that she faced similar challenges a few years ago before leaving Ghana to pursue her  modeling career in abroad. It is her experience and the lessons she learnt from her sojourn  overseas and being part of such programs that has inspired her to create this platform to change  the narrative for younger and upcoming models. 

According to her, the Entrepreneurship training is centered on the evolving of models into both  Modelpreneurs and professionals with the requisite skills. The training would be on how to move  from being a model to an entrepreneur or more. The dialogue session will be tagged- “The Power 

Room”. “This event will be mostly an all-girls affair; we are also determined to see women  provide most if not all the ancillary services required for the event. The panelists will be women  and men role models that depict who a model can become if they are pointed in the right  direction”, she added.  

Modeling should be just one of the means to an end, at some point you have to do something  different. This platform would help educate and enlighten models on the opportunities they can  capitalize on in the pursuit of BECOMING MODELPRENEURS and more. 

In attendance are Pieter Smidt Van Gelder – Deputy Ambassador of European Union in Ghana,  Ayesha Bedwei – Tax Partner at PWC Ghana, Mr. Gabriel Ibe – CEO of Goldcard Resources  Limited, Sonya Sharara – life Coach and CEO of Spark Africa, Gisela Gagakuma – Africa Rep  for Swaroski, Herman Macmillan – Fashion Industry Stakeholder , Ami Tonye Yomekpe – CEO  of MOD Africa, Bedwei Kweku Sonny (Rhyme Sonny) representative of Abeiku Santana, Michael Akpawu – Country Manager, Green Eight Capital, Emmanuel Smend – Operations  Coordinator, Uber Ghana, Lillian Sally Addo – CEO of Models Union of Ghana, Julee Bocoum – CEO of D’joulde Online Ghana.  

During the solidarity messages session, His Excellency Pieter Smidt applauded Victoria  Michaels for all her laudable initiatives and this one in particular which is geared towards  transforming lives positively. Life Coach, Sonya Sharara also emphasized on the need for  models to strategically position themselves for access to the right opportunities. Key industry  players like Gisela Gagakuma, Herman Macmillan, Ami Tonye, sponsor representatives and  corporate leaders all reiterated the need for models to partake in this Initiative in their various  remarks. We were treated to good music by Elorm Gh and DJ Alighaton. 

The event was climaxed with appreciation of the New Africa Foundation gesture by Victoria  Michaels. She expressed her gratitude to Business Mogul and Philanthropist Freedom Jacob  Ceaser for taking up the registration cost of forty models who are financially constrained but  would love to participate in the boot camp. 

Our sponsors are Uber, Melcom, Green 8 Capital, Coca-Cola,Goldcard Resources and Belaqua  Mineral Water.Supported by New Africa Foundation, Maybeline & Sincerely by Menaye. 

We implore you all to support this laudable cause dedicated towards industry development. This event is powered by VM Consult and refreshed by Alisa Hotel.  

Thank you. 

For more information, kindly visit www.fashionconnectafrica.com or follow us on Instagram  @fashionconnectafrica. 

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