“I’ll only feel like a celebrity when my picture is on Ludo” – Lydia Forson

“I’ll only feel like a celebrity when my picture is on Ludo” – Lydia Forson

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Gorgeous Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Lydia Forson, has declared she will only feel like a celebrity “when” her face is plastered on the game of Ludo.

Ludo is a competitive board game commonly played in Ghanaian homes for recreational purposesIt requires two to four players, in which the individual players race their four tokens from start to finish, according to die rolls.lydia ludo

“Maybe, because over the years the title has been tainted and abused to the point where you don’t even know the value it holds.


“When I say this, my friends think I am being outrageous. But the only time I’d feel like a celebrity is when I have my picture on a local game of Ludo. If the masses know you; you are, probably”.


The AMAA 2010 award winner who was described by the magazine as Sexy, bold and fierce has been acting for a little over 8years.

Forson who recently released her debut self-produced movie A Letter from Adam also told the magazine she believes her upbringing has contributed to her distinction in her career path.lydia7

“I am from an intense family. There is never a hello or goodbye without an ‘I love you’. We’re openly emotional and never afraid to share how we feel.

“In a way, I believe that has shaped the actress I’ve become. You must be willing to be absolutely in touch with your emotions to be true to a character”.lydia Lydia1


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