7 Ways To Spot a Ghanaian Abroad

7 Ways To Spot a Ghanaian Abroad

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Just like the MTN slogan ‘’Everywhere you go’’, you will find a Ghanaian. Sometimes it’s mysterious to find out that there is a Ghanaian in some countries you hitherto wouldn’t have even heard about. Guess what? There are Ghanaians in Transnistria, Tuvalu, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan among others. For many reasons, Ghanaians travel abroad. Some go to further their education, a few go on holidays and others for ‘’greener pastures’’. Whatever the reason for travel, it is never difficult to spot an African or Ghanaian primarily because of our skin colour. However, there are mixed races these days and this may be a little confusing. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agents outline these few ways of spotting a Ghanaian abroad.

  1. Accent & language – After skin colour, the most likely way to spot a Ghanaian may be through the thick accent and language spoken with friends and family around them. Although English is the official language in Ghana, the accent gives us away almost always. With a strong affinity to our local languages, you are more likely to hear a strange sounding tone of ‘’Ewe’’, ‘’Ga’’ or ‘’Twi’’. Even if Ghanaians stay in a foreign country for long and adapt to the local language there, the accent rarely changes and they never forget their native languages.


  1. Warmth & Friendliness – It is not a mystery that Ghana is ranked as one of the most friendly countries in the world. Naturally warm and friendly people as they are, trust Ghanaians to welcome you with smiles and be nice to you whether they know you or not. The ability to make you comfortable around them and help you when and if they can is just admirable. Trust me on this one, Ghanaians are very easy to fall in love with.


  1. Strong beliefs and adherence to culture and tradition – Culture, heritage, tradition! These are 3 very synonymous words to Ghanaians. These enterprising set of West Africans believe and showcase rich culture and tradition by observing festivals and dressing up in full traditional regalia when there is a Ghanaian ceremony or occasion. Sometimes, when traditional events take place in Ghana, they observe the same event anywhere they are at the same time. Ghanaians never lose a touch of their culture and tradition.


  1. Respect for the elderly and those in authority – All over the world, it is a norm to respect the elderly and those in authority. However, Ghanaians take this particular subject very personal and live it to the fullest. If you have ever seen a young African man giving his seat to an oldie on a bus in Chicago or a young African female taking the bags of an old woman in Berlin, trust me these are Ghanaians.


  1. Hardwork – You may argue that Ghanaians are certainly not the most hardworking people on earth. And this may be true. However, if you see that African who works hard on 3 jobs and makes great use of opportunities that fall for him/her, be sure that is a Ghanaian right there. Even when there is little reward for all the hard work, Ghanaians never give up and put in every inch of effort to succeed.


  1. Music & Dance – Have you ever come across a Ghanaian who can’t sing, dance or do both? Rare isn’t it? Ghanaians are just an amazing group of entertainers. Just drop a really hot tune, sit back and relax. The dance moves will get you back on your feet. Incredible fun dance moves that you only find in Ghana will make it obvious that he/she is a Ghanaian. When it comes to music, just watchout for hot Afrobeat tunes with danceable beats and a mixture of local and foreign language. You are definitely dealing with a Ghanaian here!


  1. Gold ornaments & National colours – Jewellery is common to every nationality in the world and everyone is somehow proud of their country. I have however never seen a nation so proud of its history as Ghana. Ghana has a very solid gold background and Ghanaians will almost always dress up with a touch of gold. Earrings, necklaces, watches, anklets, bracelets plated in gold or made of gold itself is very common to a Ghanaian abroad’s outfit. Often, you also see the national colours of red, gold, green and black or an item made from these colours and flag around them. A bag, scarf, t-shirt or any other paraphernalia will just tell you, this is a Ghanaian!

         Popularly known as ‘’boggars’’, Ghanaians living abroad are very easily identified by more than the key points stated above. However you may, ensure to spot a Ghanaian anywhere in the world and enjoy the warmth, friendliness and fun that they exhume.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel



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