A Collaboration With Joe Mettle Is Possible – Patience Nyarko

A Collaboration With Joe Mettle Is Possible – Patience Nyarko

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Ghanaian female gospel musician Patience Nyarko has disclosed a collaboration with award-winning male gospel musician Joe Mettle is highly possible.

Speaking to Sokoohemaa Kukua on the mid-morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm rubbished claims that she has a frosty relationship with Joe Mettle.

Patience Nyarko in answering a question asked of a possible collaboration with Joe Mettle answered in the affirmative saying ”if it is the will of God, I will have collaboration with Joe Mettle. I am always happy when I see Joe Mettle. I don’t hate Joe Mettle. I only expressed an opinion. We are not fighting and so I don’t know why people think we are fighting”.

She described Joe Mettle as a nice person saying, ”I do not have any personal grudge with the musician. He is a good person. The collaboration is possible. If it is the will of God, we will collaborate”.

Patience Nyatko recently took a dig at Joe Mettle saying the media was overhyping him.

Patience Nyarko was reported to have said Joe Mettle who has been hailed by some music fanatics will find himself wanting should the Methodist Church and/or the Church of Pentecost direct(s) that their songs should not be used by musicians in Ghana.

“How many English songs has Joe Mettle composed in this country? Let [the Church of] Pentecost and Methodist Church come out with a directive that no musician should sing their songs, I tell you he will fall,” she reportedly said.

She was later slammed by social media users over her comments.

But responding to these comments she said she has no personal issue with the colleague musician.

Patience Nyarko added she hates being a hypocrite and because of that, she always wants to express her views on issues.

According to her, she gets irritated when she is gagged from expressing her views.

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