Actresses Sleep With Men For Cars – Vicky Zugah

Actresses Sleep With Men For Cars – Vicky Zugah

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The claims of one notorious Snapchat user called fatpu$$y some weeks ago that many of the popular actresses in Ghana get the big and flashy cars they drive around from sleeping with men and not because of their work as on screencasts have just received some credence.

Well, even though many people thought those assertions were untrue, Vicky Zugah, one of the actresses in the country who has been in the business for quite a long time has confirmed that it is actually true in a video sighted by on her Instagram handle.

According to her, the failure of movie producers and directors to pay them the money due them after the use them for their work cause many of her colleagues, and probably herself, to give themselves out to men for money in order to survive.

In her own words, Vicky Zugah states that because these producers are not acting right by them financially, they end up using their butt for golf. He adds that the sad reality is that after they get this gold, which is a symbolism of cars generally, they are even unable to buy fuel in them.

She also stresses that because their faces are consistently splashed on the TV screens, their family and friends are always bugging them with their needs because they have the perception that once your image is on TV you are rich.




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