Agya Koo Nimo Says He Is Bothered About Artist Getting Married

Agya Koo Nimo Says He Is Bothered About Artist Getting Married

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Highlife legend Koo Nimo, a leading folk musician of Highlife has said he is much bothered about musicians getting married.

Speaking to the media at the launch of GHANA HIGHLIFE SHOW, Koo Nimo mentioned that, the young artist should marry and leave a good and comfortable life for their families.

What is bothering me most is the marriage of musicians. I beg you, when you get married, make sure you stay with them forever and live a lovely life. The ladys are always there but get married to responsible ladies and be a happy man. Make sure you respect them as well”. He said.

Ghana has been the hub of highlife music since its inception. From the greats like Agya Koo Nimo to Paa Bobo, highlife music has crafted the music we hear playing on our radio stations today. To celebrate the art that has shaped the sound of the West African region, Optimum Prime, a media agency based in Ghana has started the first ever Ghana Highlife Show.

Launched on Wednesday, 7th November, 2018, the Ghana Highlife Show will be the first of many avenues to document the art and history of Highlife. The show will be an avenue to raise funds towards a highlife museum.

The premiere Ghana Highlife Show will honour the work of esteemed musician Agya Koo Nimo along with other amazing musicians. Merging old school Hi-Life with new school afrobeats. One of the patrons of the Ghana Highlife Show and esteemed musician; Agya Koo Nimo was present at the launch to speak on the theme.

“Ghana Highlife Music; Yesterday, Today and the Future; Unification of the Old and the Young Musicians for Greater Achievement.” He continued.




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