Anal Sex On My Third Count Was Super Fun – Mzbel

Anal Sex On My Third Count Was Super Fun – Mzbel

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Host of adult sex talk show on General Media’s Onua FM, Mzbel, who is known in private life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has made the shocking revelation that she has had anal sex similar to what is enjoyed on websites such as on several occasions.

The controversial musician made this revelation on her ‘Odo Nso’ programme on Onua FM yesterday, October 18, 2018. Mzbel stated that engaging in anal sex is very painful the first and second time because the opening of the anus is known to be very small but added that it becomes normal and pleasant after one does it for several times. No wonder they absolutely love it on sites such as hd sex video.

“I have tried an*l sex before and I must say the first and second time is very painful, but as time goes on, it becomes very great” she stated. Perhaps she’d like some of the cutest things you can stuff in your butt to go along with the experience?

Mzbel, in as much as she described all the great things that come with anal sex was very quick to add that if one engages in it for a long time, they will be side effects. She stated that the opening of the an*s may open up if one does it consistently for a very long period but many seem to enjoy it on websites similar to so why not give it a go?

The ‘tongues’ hitmaker also revealed that a lot of Ghanaian men send her images of their small and big d*cks often.




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