Anokye Supremo Needs $12k For Surgery In India Or He Dies

Anokye Supremo Needs $12k For Surgery In India Or He Dies

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The condition of musician Anokye Supremo formerly known as DL Junior who was recently diagnosed with brain tumour has turned for the worse and urgently needs $12,000 to undergo surgery in India or he dies.

He has been advised by doctors to leave Ghana for India by next Tuesday, December 25 to seek medical attention but coming up with the money has become a challenge.

According to his manager Isaac Kobina Zakk, the situation with the musician has gotten worse and doctors have advised that he should be flown to India for surgery.

“The surgery alone has been estimated at $12,000 and we need to raise money for our air tickets and accommodation so we will appreciate it if Ghanaians will come to our aid within the shortest possible time,” he told Showbiz on Tuesday evening.

Zakk added that they have been advised to leave Ghana by December 25 for India and the challenge right now is how to raise all the money for the surgery and other costs.

“We are calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to support us save our brother’s life because the situation is very critical at the moment,” he said.

On his part, Augustine Baffoe, the younger brother of Anokye Supremo also appealed to Ghanaians to support his ailing big brother.

“Before God and man, we need help urgently, we don’t have much time and he is getting weaker and weaker by the day.

“He even finds it difficult to talk so it is our prayer that Ghanaians will support us as soon as possible,” he said.

A couple of months ago, it came to light that Anokye Supremo had been diagnosed with brain tumour and was seeking medical attention.

A number of people went to his aid and it was hoped that he would recover in no time but that is not the situation with the young man.

Anokye Supremo’s manager Zakk can be reached on 0245331695 while his brother can be contacted on 0243906812.




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