Appointment As AfroChampions Ambassador And Champion Of The AfCFTA Vision Initiative & Celebration

Appointment As AfroChampions Ambassador And Champion Of The AfCFTA Vision Initiative & Celebration

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It gives me great pleasure to inform you, on behalf of AfroChampions, of your selection as an AfroChampions Ambassador and an “AfCFTA Visioneer”.

AfroChampions is a multi-stakeholder organization that has partnered the African Union and the AfCFTA Secretariat to foster the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and accelerate Africa’s Economic Integration and Transformation.

The AfCFTA Visioneers are selected from among those rare Africans whose work and achievements have best exemplified the Pan-African spirit needed to drive forward AfCFTA’s agenda of a single continental market, serving as a catalyst of total transformation of Africa on every front.

Whilst the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063 provides an overarching vision of the Africa We Want, a continent as rich and diverse as Africa can be expected to be awash with individual, communal, national, regional and corporate visions all of which must align with the grand mission of AfCFTA, which is to accelerate the attainment of the goals of Agenda 2063 and the 2030 milestones through the motor of socio-economic integration. AfCFTA Visioneers are a bridge between the AfCFTA process and the frontline efforts of Africa’s true integrators in the communities, boardrooms and national corridors of power.

AU_BOMA_AfroChampions_Panelists_Dignitaries_Guests_Invitation_June_2020 H. E Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko

The primary duties of an AfCFTA Visioneer are:

  1. Promotion of the key messages of AfCFTA to their audiences, followers and communities.
  2. Promotion of the Africa Vision Challenge, details of which are to be found at: challenge
  3. Contribution of ideas, networks and resources towards the success of the symbolic marking of the start of trading under AfCFTA on 1st January 2021, dubbed the “AfCFTA Vision Celebration” (details attached).
  4. Serve as a sounding board for the AfCFTA Secretariat on the AfCFTA implementation process.

Whilst this honour does not come with a honorarium or other material privileges, we are certain that the responsibilities attending the role give you great personal satisfaction considering the work that you have already been doing in furtherance of the Pan-African cause. I must hasten to mention, however, that the recognition shall be widely publicised and the very esteemed membership of the Visioneers community should signify especial renown and accomplishment.

If you are minded to join us in this endeavour, please write to, copying no later than close of day on 16th of December, 2020, as time is very much of the essence.

We would also urge you to post a short vision of no more than 160 characters of your ideal AfCFTA implementation taking cue from some of the attached examples. Please use social media channels of your choice to broadcast this message as well as your membership of this committed community of Pan-African changemakers. If you would need assistance in the communications aspects of your role, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We look forward to a truly rewarding mutual relationship in service to the African cause.



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