Appreciate Me For My Voice Not My Sexuality – OV

Appreciate Me For My Voice Not My Sexuality – OV

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Winner of MTN Hitmaker Season 7, Okailey Verse known as OV, is not happy with how people question her sexuality, probably because of how she dresses.

OV is a tomboy and instead of dresses prefers baggy jeans, big jerseys and shirts, sneakers among other things and in an environment like ours, women who dress like that are perceived to be lesbians.

When Graphic Showbiz caught up with her at the Labadi Beach Hotel recently, OV, who expressed worry about this perception appealed that people should love her for the voice she has.

“it is unfortunate that that is who I am but I wish people will love me and appreciate my voice and my music rather than my sexuality. 

“As to whether I am this or that, I think it is entirely my call although I’m not a lesbian; this is who I am. 

“I know I am a good artiste, I am a talent and I have what it takes to take Ghanaian music to the next level so I pray and hope that people look at that rather than what I wear or who I wear or how I do my things,” she said.

OV, who is signed to Stonebwoy’s record label, Burniton Music Group, says being on the same team with her icon is a blessing.

“I feel fulfilled working under the same label with someone I have followed for a long time and I love his songs so if today I am with him, I feel blessed. So far, the journey has been amazing and a great one,” she said.

Talking about what she liked about Stonebwoy she said, “I love his energy, it is great, he is a very serious person who does not joke with his work. I have seen him stay in the studio for hours just because he is looking at getting something good out there.”

OV believes that very soon she will be a household name. “I must say so far the journey has been amazing, my new single Want You is doing very well, the reception has been great and the future looks very promising. 

“But then it also does not mean I have to sit and fold my arms, I need to work and make sure I get to where I want to get to.

“Want You is just one of the many singles we have up our sleeves, we’ve got great tunes and excellent projects coming up.”

She used the opportunity to thank her label for their support, “I say a big thank you to all those who have been with me, supported me right from the MTN house and to my label, I appreciate the love, the respect and the encouragement.”

Last year, OV beat three other contestants (Awal Mohammed, Amakye and Erza Tamaa) to become the second female to win the MTN Hitmaker competition after Freda Rhymes.




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