#BBA#HOTSHOTS: Ghana’s M’am Bea and 3 Others Make Big Brother Finale

#BBA#HOTSHOTS: Ghana’s M’am Bea and 3 Others Make Big Brother Finale

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Ghana’s M’am Bea, Macky 2, Butterphly and Nhlanhla seem to have one foot in the Big Brother Hotshots grand finale which is only two weeks ago.

They were the only housemate who survived nominations this week, which also happens to be the last before the final show. This is the pen-ultimate week and ahead of the final vote this week’s nominations separated the safe from the not so safe. Macky2 added Ellah to the unfortunate list.

The nominations this week are:


For Sheillah, it was clear that those nominated were definite threat. She may have been onto something seen as now was the best (and perhaps only) time to eliminate the threat. She and Tayo launched into a rant and rave clearly having picked up some notes from the book of “Otono”. They affirmed the list of the nominated as strong contenders who weren’t going anywhere – par for the course.

The game was shifting into the last gear and the Hotshots had learnt a thing or two about how to intimidate people and instil a sense of insecurity. Butterphly was not impressed with the outburst and buckled under Sheillah’s shots.

Sipe’s world came crushing down as she heard her name. This, immediately after she had won the Star Gift. Happiness was short lived in this house.

Head of House Macky2 added Ellah in place of himself and rendering her on the chopping board for a record-breaking six times now. And this may have been Macky2’s reasoning behind adding her. Many assumed the fact of her being saved so many times showed that she was indeed a strong contender. For the same reason we wonder if he reckoned Africa would keep the beauty queen in one last time. She was suspicious of course and M’am Bea approached her to calm her down.

We were clearly heading into the hunger games at this stage. Would the odd’s remain forever in her favour?


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