Be fair to me – George Quaye

Be fair to me – George Quaye

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The head of communications of Charterhouse Ghana, George Quaye, has told Showbiz that the media barrage and public criticism he has come under in recent weeks following his comments to the effect that some gospel musicians offer bribes in exchange for awards at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) is unfair.

According to George Quaye, he has publicly apologised numerous times for his utterance yet he is still coming under fire with some groups even calling for his resignation from the organisation of the VGMAs.

George Quaye accused the public of double standards because over the years, various artistes have accused organisers of the VGMA of demanding bribes from them, yet no one has ever asked those making these allegations to prove their accusations.

“We sometimes have to look at it from the other side as well. When people come to accuse the VGMA of demanding bribes does anyone ask them to name the perpetrator or demand evidence from them? Everyone stays silent while the integrity of the scheme is put in disrepute almost every single year,” he said.

George Quaye asked the Ghanaian media to do more to protect the scheme and demand evidence from artistes who accuse the scheme of bribery.

Responding to calls for his resignation, George Quaye said those making calls for him to resign were entitled to their opinions and he was no longer going to make any more comments about the issue.

“I am done talking about this issue. People can say what they want but I am no longer going to respond to this anymore,” he said.

George Quaye’s troubles began after he made revelations on GHOne TV’s entertainment programme The Pundit that there have been attempts to influence the VGMA scheme through bribe.

He said the biggest offer among these attempts to compromise the awards have come from gospel artistes.




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