Becca speaks on climate change SDGs no 13

Becca speaks on climate change SDGs no 13

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The Global Goal Ambassador, BECCA who represented Ghana last year at the SDGs summit and performed at the cereal park along side Beyoncé, cold play etc yesterday shared her view on climate change as 155 countries sign the Paris agreement on climate change.

We need to understand it, the earth is changing. Climate Change is REAL. The impact of Climate change is likely to become more evident in the coming decades. Currently, atmospheric conditions, especially in the dry season, are getting hotter and drier.
Increased demand for air conditioning in our rooms as a result of discomfort in buildings is already manifesting. This could put additional stress on the already over-burdened energy capacity of the nation. However, if people are adamant about using their HVAC systems, it might be worth looking for an air duct cleaner to ensure that the systems are free of any dust or potential vermin. Cleaning them will also help the system to cope with the increased usage in the long term. As a musician, I am not a climate scientist, but I fully understand the looming dangers.
If I connect this to music, that will mean, if you don’t have energy or power at home due to power outages, you can’t listen to music because the dam dried up and there is less rain every year.
The impact on our continent is more damning because our agriculture relies more on the seasons, so in effect, poverty and hunger.
And guess what, it affects women, children and income.
The next time we think of the scorching heat in our rooms at night, we need to think about the contribution of Carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Changes in land use pattern, deforestation, land clearing, agriculture, and other activities have all led to a rise in the emission.
Let’s be a little more friendly to mother earth. The earth needs us always.
The harsher the climate, the higher the incidence of poverty.
The harsher the climate, the less possibility that you can listen to music.



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