Being A Pious Christian Doesn’t Guarantee Wealth – Joe Mettle To ‘Broke’ Christians

Being A Pious Christian Doesn’t Guarantee Wealth – Joe Mettle To ‘Broke’ Christians

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We’ve all heard it numerous times: “Why would a God who is all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful allow bad things to happen to good people?” This question has been asked severally by Christians around the world and gospel musician Joe Mettle has added his voice to the believers’ dilemma.

After all, sometimes we experience devastating suffering occasionally, but majority of Christians living in Ghana find it weird to understand why worldly people keep enjoying life to the fullest whereas followers of Jesus Christ are arguably swimming in abject poverty.

To these Christians, anyone who professes to follow Jesus Christ shouldn’t be deprived of financial freedom but the reality is different – all the richest dudes are doing evil stuff behind the scenes but God is silent. Clearing the erroneous notion, gospel musician Joe Mettle lashed out at fellow Christians who think that becoming a Christian is synonyms to wealth creation.

Speaking to DJ Reuben, host of Kuamasi-based Luv FM’s Drive Time on February 26, 2019, Joe Mettle posited that wealth comes in different forms and that it’s not only about the possession of the liquidity. Besides, he made reference to the fact that to have financial freedom as a Christian goes beyond carrying the normal “born-again” tag.

“It’s one thing to be saved and another to live an abundant life which cometh with financial freedom. To live an abundant life has to do with wisdom and it’s a revelation in God that one must acquire because He gives man power to acquire wealth – Deuteronomy 8:18. As a pious Christian, you’ve got the salvation alright but it doesn’t come with an opulent lifestyle. You can’t live rich as a Christian without wisdom”, Joe Mettle revealed.

Nonetheless, Joe Mettle advised Christians not to be weary because of their financial status because wealth isn’t only about material things. He added that they (Christians) should be extremely happy for having a fair share of all the things money can’t buy – air, joy, healthy lifestyle, etc.




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