Bibi Bright Exposes ECG Official Who Tried To Change Her Meter At A Huge Fee

Bibi Bright Exposes ECG Official Who Tried To Change Her Meter At A Huge Fee

Uncategorized Comments Off is in possession of a video of an unidentified official of the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG), who attempted to defraud an actress, Bibi Bright. 

In the video, Bright’s voice is heard saying “No” in Akan, as she is being advised to allow the ECG official to leave. 

Taking to Instagram, a social media platform, she stated that she campaigned for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) so that Ghana would experience change. 

For that reason, she went on, there is an urgent need for change at the ECG, as the actions of some of its officials leave much to be desired. 

Bright explained that she challenged the ECG official after he charged her GHc500 to change her faulty meter to get it fixed immediately. 

The alternative, she was told, was to wait for one month and live in darkness before a new meter is provided. 

She later learnt that it costs less than GHC100 to change a faulty meter yet some people pay between GHC1,500 and GHC2000 to have their meters replaced. 

Bright further revealed that the ECG official informed her that there was nothing she could do.

Some social media users express their opinions about the issue. 

@gajia wrote: “Same at Ghana water, they never have meters . But once u pay GHs2,000. U will get one. #CORRUPTION MUST STOP IN GHANA NOW#” 

@becklyn_koelin added: Hmmmm… Well done dear.. Anti-corruption starts from us 

@deff_roll70 also wrote: It’s very sad, I’ve been in this same situation, they charged me 500ghc and since then they’ve refused to give me the card to buy credit. I’ve been pressuring the one who gave me the meter but to no avail. 

@too_phat_king chipped in: It is true paaa; I paid the same fee it very painful




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