Bola Ray hands over Starr Drive to Giovani Caleb

Bola Ray hands over Starr Drive to Giovani Caleb

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The CEO of EIB Network Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray, has finally bowed out as host of the Starr Drive, which also marks the end of 15 years as the face of Ghana’s drive time show.

The fast-rising and hugely talented Giovani Elolo Caleb takes over from the boss man.

Bola Ray joined radio while a student at the University of Ghana. He moved on to become an authority not just in radio broadcasting, but in the entertainment industry as a whole.

He joined Accra-based Top Radio from Radio Universe, and moved on to The Multimedia Group, where he hosted Drive Time on Joy FM for 11 years.

After quitting Multimedia in 2014, he became the CEO of EIB Network – owners of Starr FM, Live FM, Kasapa FM, GHONE TV, Empire FM, Agoo TV, Agoo FM, Ultimate FM, Abusua FM and the Heritage newspaper.

He is also the host of Starr Chat and was a co-host of Starr Drive, until he decided to bow out on August 4.

Giovani, who has been a substantive co-host of Starr Drive for the past few months with Anita Erskine, took to his Facebook page to express his heartfelt admiration for his friend and mentor:

“Words can’t simply describe how highly elated I am to see this day. Today I celebrate one man who’s not only my boss but a big brother and mentor, my great inspiration. One I can confidently say I trust and admire.

“My prayer today is that this 15 year anniversary will be the beginning of more successful years ahead sir. Happy Anniversary CEO of EIB NETWORK GH – Mr Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye-Adisi a.k.a BOLA RAY a.k.a BOLAS! God bless you! God bless EIB! Happy 2years STARR103.5 FM.”

Biography of Bola Ray

Bola Ray is a product of the Accra Academy where he attained his Secondary School education and went on to graduate from both the University of Ghana and the Central University College.

Embarking on the path of entertainment/media relations, he was appointed the Entertainment Prefect for Accra Academy, after which, he was unanimously selected to be the Entertainment Secretary for Legon Hall at the University of Ghana where he attained a Diploma in Public Administration.

His leadership aptitude continued its fruitful growth through his role as Entertainment Secretary on the Student Representative Council while he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Central university.

His thirst for knowledge continually progressed, again solidifying his position as a lifelong learner.

In 2015 he graduated with an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan (ALTIS) and the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) to add to his bachelor’s degree from University of Ghana Business School.


As the Chief Executive Officer for both EIB Network and Empire Group of Companies, Nat Kwabena Adisi is helping to mould the dynamic of the contemporary media landscape in Ghana, and soon beyond.

Determined to steer this change, Natan Kwabena Anokye-Adisi has paid his dues climbing up the ropes of the industry.

He joined Top Radio after Radio Universe, where he hosted ‘Top City Jam’ while still a student at University of Ghana.

Years after, and after diligent hard work as a radio broadcaster, Bola Ray was the first African and Ghanaian to host ‘Top of the Pops’ on BBC Radio, proving that he was steady on his course to promote Ghanaian music on the international music scene. Within this same span of time, proving his worth, he progressed to the position of one of the country’s finest radio presenters. In 2003, he moved to Joy Fm to become the host of the Drive Time Show, leading it to be recognized as the most influential drive time show on radio in Ghana.

After serving faithfully for 11 years, he moved to pastures anew as he joined the EIB Network as their CEO. Now leading a team of over 200 young like-minded individuals, they collectively work tirelessly to continue efforts to revolutionize Ghana’s media industry.

Under his leadership, and in less than 2 years of existence, the network rivals its elders in the industry; a sign of what’s to come.

Bola Ray simultaneously leads a team of over 20 young and impressionable individuals at Empire Group of Companies where he steers them with patience, inspiration, discipline and humility. With a focus on building human capital, investing in the individual through personal growth and development and nurturing those in need of direction, Nat Adisi is able to maintain the most loyal and hard working compliment of staff in the industry.


2009 – 3G Magazine Awards – Excellence in Radio & Television
2010 – Radio & Television Personality Awards – Radio Programme of the Year

2010 – Vector Recognition Award – Professional Radio Presenter of the Year

2011 – Radio & Television Personality Awards – Radio Programme of the Year

2012 – City People’s Awards – Showbiz Personality of the Year (Ghana)

2014 – Ghana’s Most Influential Awards – 4th Most Influential Personality

2014 – City People’s Awards – Ghana’s Biggest Showbiz Executive

2015 – Annual GN Awards – Ghana’s Favourite Celebrity
2015 – Annual GN Awards – Ghana’s Favourite Male Radio Presenter

2015 – Breaking Barriers Africa Project – Best Young Entrepreneur in Innovation/Media Development

2015 – Radio & Television Personality Awards – Best Late Afternoon Show Host

2015 – GUBA Awards – International Media & Entertainment Personality of the Year
2015 – Christian Philanthropist Awards – Recognition by the Christian Philanthropist Forum 2015 – Exclusive Men’s Magazine – 5th Edition Cover Man




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