Borrowing When Broke Is Madness – Lydia Forson Jabs Government

Borrowing When Broke Is Madness – Lydia Forson Jabs Government

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Actress Lydia Forson has taken a swipe at the current government over the indiscriminate borrowing it Is now engaged in, despite spending all its time in opposition slamming the previous NDC government for the same fault.

Forson, in a post on twitter, said even in her personal life she knows not to borrow for frivolous expenditures when she Is broke but the entire government of Ghana somehow does not possess this wonderful piece of common sense.

Recently the news has been all about the government taking a $50bn, 100 year loan facility from the People’s Republic of China.

Forson, in response to that and other developments on the economic front, posted on twitter condemning the crazy raft of borrowing and spending on ‘useles’ things (like a National Cathedral perhaps?).

“When I’m broke I try to live within my means, I only buy what I NEED and not what I WANT. I won’t “free” a Gucci bag to pay later; Ha am I MAD?! But in Ghana, the broker the country is the more we borrow and the more we spend on frivolous things. Ok oh”. the AMVCA award winning actress posted.

The outspoken actress was a bane in the side of the previous Mahama administration and obviously does not plan to slow down in criticizing government excesses she does not approve of.




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