(BTS PHOTOS) A DRAMA SERIES WITH A DIFFERENCE: “Mr Unemployed” to be aired on Metro Tv Thursday, July 16.

(BTS PHOTOS) A DRAMA SERIES WITH A DIFFERENCE: “Mr Unemployed” to be aired on Metro Tv Thursday, July 16.

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For us at Boom Entertainment Ltd we believe in creating concepts that address the social economic problems that we face in the country especially the youth thus this series…

The series highlights some of the challenges we face with regards to unemployment situation and also the need to concioutise the general populace of not only finding jobs but also creating jobs by starting on a very minimal stage… so the question is…ARE U WAITING TO BE EMPLOYED OR YOU ARE READY TO CREATE ONE???? Produced by GEORGE NYEMI-TEI AND Directed BY JULIUS DEPP..POWERED BY BOOM ENTERTAINMENT. … call 233244997479 for more information and support..


.Chris, a university graduate, comes out of school at a time when the level of unemployment in the country is at its peak. Meeting the harsh reality of being unemployed, coupled with his Dad not being supportive enough, he has to man up and strive to survive. He meets an old school mate, Apaana, a JSS dropout, who accommodates him as he goes through the long hours of browsing the internet to find available job openings and writing application letters and going for interviews after interviews, interspersed with taking up menial jobs as and when he can to keep body and soul together.

Meanwhile, Ama, his girlfriend from the university who caters for him, is cheating on him and he has to wean himself off her and eventually break up with her. But the latter becomes a more difficult thing to do than even getting a job because he loves her. This all new real television series is bound to entertain, thrill and educate viewers…

Checkout bts photos below…

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