Burna Boy And I Are Not Friends – A.I After Nigerian Stole His Song

Burna Boy And I Are Not Friends – A.I After Nigerian Stole His Song

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In August last year, Nigerian musician Burna Boy released ‘Chilling Chillin’, a song many believe was the remix of DJ Vision and A.I’s smash hit ‘Grind’.

Questions were raised when A.I stated on Twitter that he knew nothing about the Burna Boy’s remix.

“I don’t have sh*t to do with that ‘chilling chillin’ sh*t though so, ya! It’s not a re-up. I don’t know what he’s talking about,” he said.

Vision DJ also distanced himself from the ‘Chilling Chillin’ song. “Pls everybody asking, nigga has received no blessings or backing from me, @ai2ligit (A.I) or our team.thank you.”

A year on, A.I says Burna Boy and himself were “never really were friends.”

“I wasn’t feeling it because it wasn’t done the right way. It wasn’t the right version that was supposed to be released so we had to put our foot down and go like ‘we are not associating with that’. We wanted you guys to hear the real one and not that made up stuff,” the rapper explained in an interview with Lexis Bill on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM.

Asked what happened after that, A.I said, “It ended. That was not the remix to our favourite song. It was on platforms for sale and we made them take them down.”

He is set to release his Headstrong EP on September 15.



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