“Chaos” Is Good For The Comedy Industry – Lekzy Decomic

“Chaos” Is Good For The Comedy Industry – Lekzy Decomic

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Comedian, Lekzy Decomic has outlined the benefits that misunderstandings within the comedy community, can bring to the industry.

In an interview on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM with Sammy Flex, Lekzy said, “chaos is good for the comedy industry. It helps us get better”.

His statement was as a result of a social media post by fellow comedian, MJ The Comedian, where he complained that, there is too much hate in the industry.

According to Lekzy, in a chat with MJ following his post, the latter explained that Ghanaian comedians are reluctant to support each other.

However, Lekzy expressed that, misunderstandings have helped the industry to realize some of their shortcomings and work towards becoming better.

He further explained that, contrary to how it seems, the conflicts among Ghanaian comedians are not brutal, conversely some of them have difference of opinions.

When asked if the comedians are not forced to do individual projects because of their differences, Decomic said, “everyone has a plan for their career so if it includes holding an individual show, then there is nothing wrong with it.”

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