Chiiief Hosts The Perception Party

Chiiief Hosts The Perception Party

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If you seek a break from the mishmash of clichés and cheesiness that characterizes today’s saturated content space, then The Perception Party Podcast is the right show for you.

Conceived by a collective of young creatives at The Pave Network with the aim of rolling out an entertainment heavy audio-visual podcast which would appreciate the raw perspective of millennials in entertainment circles and drive the inclusion of the youthful voice in the Ghanaian entertainment industry; The Perception Party Podcast provides refreshing, interesting and outspoken perspectives and opinions on worldwide and Ghanaian pop culture stories. Along with candid celebrity guests interviews and discussions of original central theme topics in its 30-minute duration.

The Perception Party is anchored by award-winning Ghanaian actor and budding media proprietor, Danso Sakyi popularly known in showbiz circles as Chiiief, who brings to the Perception Party his decade long experience gathered from hosting relevant, exciting youth- oriented TV & Radio shows on various platforms such as “Teen Sports” (2009 – 2010) and “Teen Talk”(2010 -2015) on Skyy Digital TV (now First Digital) as well as anchoring “Opinion Wave”(2013) on Radio Midas, PHD Media’s “SOTIVI”(2013 -2015), Ghana’s first standalone social media TV vignette on Viasat 1 and performing in the vernal Ghanaian TV Series “YOLO”(2015 -) where he played “King George” a fan-favorite character. Adding to the exciting team of talented hosts are Dzidzor Adanu; a young affable presenter with keen interest in retro arts and Fredrick Bart-Plange; an all-round curator of the performing arts with a degree in event management and a special attention for pop culture.

The Perception Party would run for 13-episodes a season and is available on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Youtube. Follow the Perception Party across social media – Twitter: @ThePercepParty, Instagram: @ThePerceptionParty, Facebook: PerceptionParty. Subscribe to Youtube: ThePaveNetwork. Get interactive on #ThePerceptionParty hashtag across all platforms.




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