Chris Attoh In Accra For ‘Bad Luck Joe’ Premiere

Chris Attoh In Accra For ‘Bad Luck Joe’ Premiere

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Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, has arrived in Accra ahead of the premiere of the movie, Bad Luck Joe on Friday, October 5.

Chris Attoh, who has been in the United States for some months now filming a movie called An Accidental Zombie, arrived in Ghana this afternoon.

He plays a playboy in the movie and in an interview with Showbiz about why he likes to play such roles, Chris said it was not a stereotypical casting but was necessitated by the story.

He also rejected the assertion that his repeated casting as a playboy will be harmful to his career.

“Detrimental? Maybe not because I do have a lot I can exhibit. However, it is because of this that scripts like ‘Bad Luck Joe’ is enticing because it’s not just a ‘lover boy’, it’s another angle.

” I always say, as an actor, it’s another opportunity to shine; it’s another opportunity to work. Let’s not hide it because that’s what we do. And we are telling stories.

“If I believe in a story that people can learn from and I have to play the ‘lover boy’ for the fourth, hundredth time, I would be happy too”, he explained.

Chris Attoh added that, despite the title of the movie, ‘Bad Luck Joe’, he does not believe in the ‘bad luck’ perception.

“I don’t believe in bad luck and it’s very important that I say this because whatever you believe, you shall conceive. Whatever you are thinking all the time is what you’re going to get.

“So if you are thinking bad luck, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get. I don’t roll like that. I am very positive and I think it’s important to remind people to be very positive, Bad Luck only comes to you if you allow it,” he stated.

On the prospects of the Ghanaian movie industry, Chris Attoh said it has a great future.

“Once we still have stories to tell, once we still have an audience that will go into the cinemas hoping to watch, be entertained and learn something, we will always have a future.

“It’s a changing future. It’s a future from a world of CDs and the usual distribution channels to what we now know as online. So for me that also poses a wonderful future.

“It means we can completely turn the industry around. It’s growing and I always say if you are out there and you don’t know what to do with your money, come give it to us and let’s tell our stories the right way. Money brings quality and those are the kind of movies that we want to bring on,” he said.

Bad Luck Joe has been described as a hilarious and romantic drama, and apart from Chris Attoh, it stars Sika Osei, Michelle Attoh, Adomaa, among others.

It is the story of Joe, Abena, Zuri, Elizabeth and other everyday people who get caught up in a power play between two widows —Madam Francesca and Aunty Beatrice— who are fighting over their husband (Patapaa’s) properties.

It is a tale of greed, hatred, love and tolerance. It was written, produced and directed by Ramesh Jai.




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