Contents On TV Presently Awful – Rama Brew

Contents On TV Presently Awful – Rama Brew

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Veteran Ghanaian Actress, Rama Brew has said she is saddened every time she watches television especially because of the things that are shown now.

In an interview on GHOne Tv, the Home sweet Home Actress described as “not normal” the kind of things that are shown on TV.

According to her, because there’s global appeal for sex and violence, the only content that TV stations are producing now are ones full of such scenes.

“I feel very sad because this is a generation that is being saturated by a lot of violence, sex and nothing positive.”

“Whether you’re watching the international news or listening to news within your own backyard, it’s not very pleasant for any child. Children are not being allowed to be children anymore.”

“It’s a global thing and it seems that sex and violence sells but how much of it are we going to continue allowing ourselves to absorb? Is it okay? It’s not normal “

Rama Brew first came into the acting scene back in 1972 when she played lead roles in TV soaps of the day like “Avenue A” and “Villa Kakalika” which were written and produced by the late Joyce Addo of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). She then starred in her first movie ” Farewell To Dope” for the then Ghana Films now known as TV3.

All these productions and others unfortunately ended up lost in a fire outbreak at the GBC.

In 1993 when Rama returned to Ghana after living in Europe for a few years, she was called upon by Wallace Bampoe-Addo to play the lead role alongside George Williams in the TV series “Ultimate Paradise”. The excellence of this TV soap became the springboard for other TV productions to step up their game in terms of the quality of production and acting.

“Ultimate Paradise” has won an award for best TV series and Rama personally won best actress award in 1994. Rama is also a jazz singer and the first female Ghanaian singer to popularize jazz in the country in the early ’90?s. She has also presented a children’s show on the now defunct radio ‘Groove FM’ in Ghana.

Rama has been very passionate about acting her entire life and as a way of giving back to acting what it has given her, she has been a judge on the TV3 youth music talent show competition called ‘Mentor’. When she’s not acting she spends her free time working on compiling her collection of motivational writings which she is turning into a book to be released soon.




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