D-Cryme loses temper at Pentagon Hall Week celebration

D-Cryme loses temper at Pentagon Hall Week celebration

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Twi-Pop General, D-Cryme had to halt his performance at the African Union Hall (Pent) Artiste Night over what looked like a disagreement between himself and the DJ.

The Tema-based artiste was infuriated when a new DJ who had just taken over from DJ Mic-Smith on the turntable seemed to have inserted his [D Cryme] second song for the night when the artiste had not finished performing his first song.

D-Cryme was in the process of making fans, who had gathered at the African Union Hall for the 4syte Tv sponsored Artiste Night, sing along to the lines of his new song ‘Dab’ which features Piesie.

While trying to get the fans to dab along with him, the DJ played D Cryme’s 2015 hit single, “Koko Sakora’ thus pushing him to pause his performance and run towards the DJ stand to yell some few words at the DJ.

In a bid to avoid a scene and hide his frustration from the puzzled fans, the artiste resumed his performance with a higher energy level with his hit ‘Koko Sakora’ track.

However, D-Cryme could not contain the venom and had to abandon his performance midway after charging up his fans with his hit tune.

Source: Maxwell Amoofia



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