Delay Closes Down Her Dworwulu Shoe Boutique Over Poor Sales

Delay Closes Down Her Dworwulu Shoe Boutique Over Poor Sales

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Perhaps we should blame President Nana Akufo Addo for what seems to be an increase in Ghana’s unending hardship—which has led the loudmouth Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay to close down her 2-by-4 shoe boutique located at Dzorwulu near the Fidelity Bank over poor sales and tax headaches.

Delay’s Shoe Shop which she refers to it as a plush boutique, carved out of a small space—which in the past doubled as a studio for her Delay Show has finally been closed down, GhanaCelebrities.Com can confirm.

And since Delay has some time remaining on the lease, she has turned the shop into an office, to be used for whatever, and also to keep her “big girl status” in Accra going—images she shared on her Snapchat a few days ago confirmed the shop-to-office conversion.

We’ve gathered from neighbours that, business dwindled to nothing and apart from friends who visited the shop, no one entered to make any purchase—and as such, this could mainly be the reason why it has been shut down.

Apparently, on top of the no-sales, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been on the flat hard butt of Delay—and the tax headaches finally informed her decision to shut the non-profit making business down.

Since the conversion, Delay has not managed to even change the signage (signboard)—as her new office (old shop) continues to display the signage of her boutique. We do not want to say she has no money for a new signage as she has probably ordered for one to be made from Dubai for her–you know how these girls brag.

One thing certain about Ghana’s economy is: it will humble a lot of the big talkers.




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