Read Tweets: DJ Black and D Black Bury the Hatchet!

Read Tweets: DJ Black and D Black Bury the Hatchet!

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DJ Black and D Black with the help of Jayso buried the hatchet on Twitter. Playing the mediator, Jayso tried to dissect the statement that started the whole issue.

The two by the end of yesterday reached an understanding and are now on the same team again and might be chilling at D Black’s newly acquired Club Onyx soon.

Read the whole conversation below!

Ah. @DBLACKGH let me get this straight, you felt the need to sneak diss @djblack in that letter because of what he said? What did he say? – @jaysoskillions

I read that letter 3 times. And listened to @djblack ‘s comment… @DBLACKGH come on bruh .. For real? – @jaysoskillions

I read that letter & felt you know what? Maybe it’s coming from a legit feel but the stuff you retweeting?! Bruh. For real? @DBLACKGH – @jaysoskillions

DjBlack gave you props for being the business-minded person you are & said he wasn’t feeling you as a rapper. That’s it bro @DBLACKGH !!! – @jaysoskillions

Maybe there’s more to the relationship between you two but chale @djblack is big bro to all of us. Me, you & GH music in general @DBLACKGH – @jaysoskillions

If a DJ said the same thing about me, I’ll be upset too cos it’s simply uncool. So yeah I get why @DBLACKGH will write a letter .. – @jaysoskillions

But the contents of the letter @DBLACKGH wrote? It’s clear to see it was more than just what @djblack said on air. – @jaysoskillions

I’d be upset too. But like I said, opening up y’all past to the public? Naaaaa bruh. – @jaysoskillions

Mr.DesmondBlackmore @DBLACKGH Noo, correction, If Ur brother said that about U on radio… – @jaysoskillions

@jaysoskillions im not upset with @djblack ma brother. I’m just a young man Tryna make it in life and take care of my & respect – @DBLACKGH

DJ BLACK @djblack @DBLACKGH @jaysoskillions no love lost. – @djblack

DJ BLACK @djblack My comment was a personal opinion and I can see it got to you bad. No love lost bro. Let’s keep working for the fans,Peace and love @DBLACKGH @djblack

Mr.DesmondBlackmore @DBLACKGH @djblack Positivity always! That’s the only way bro. Appreciated… Bless – @DBLACKGH


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