Dj Breezy’s Career At Risk As Thieves Steal All His Works

Dj Breezy’s Career At Risk As Thieves Steal All His Works

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2015 Producer Of The Year DJ Breezy will not be celebrating his birthday which happens today 12 April in a good way since he has been robbed. Whilst the award-winning music producer was sitting comfortably at the 15th edition of Ghana Music Awards, these robbers were busily taking away his goods.

The thieves took away almost everything the beatmaker has achieved in his career as a music producer including Macbook, laptops, credit cards, yet to be released songs and a lot. All the same, happy birthday from to you Breezy.

As we at the awards, thieves broke into the studio and my room .,took everything from my MacBook Pro retina display , laptop, iMac ,studio computer , hard drive , flat screens, my bag with my ATM cards and other vital documents ,sneakers and so many other things …I can say I’m back to zero again !!! My datas and my hard drives .. All the beats, people’s Datas , songs to be release soon …Pls if by any chance u get to see anybody,selling this kinda stuffs somewhere, pls kindly hit me up or any police station near u thx so much …. My birthday turned to a sad day


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