DJ Sedem Curates Love Series Playlists, ‘Bedtime Stories’. Check Out Vol I

DJ Sedem Curates Love Series Playlists, ‘Bedtime Stories’. Check Out Vol I

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A good sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind, and checking out helpful websites like Sleepify can be highly beneficial for those who need a new mattress to help induce restful sleep. Unfortunately, for several different reasons, not everyone does have a good sleep. One remedy for the inability to sleep well, however, is music. This week we caught up with DJ Sedem, who has curated a wonderful playlist to help facilitate a good sleep. He calls this playlist ‘Bedtime’. 

Born Stephen Alai Kwaku, DJ Sedem is a radio, TV and events DJ. The young champ is also a multi talented instrumentalist (plays the keyboard, drums and guitar), as well as a record producer. He has performed at major events in Ghana including Ghana Meets Naija 2019, Year of Return and Black Star 2019 Farewell Cocktail Dinner, Ghana Tourism Awards 2018, Volta Music Awards Nominees Jam among others. “I love music and i intend having my own record label and work with major artistes in Ghana and beyond”, he told Urban Culture Gh. 

DJ Sedem is currently the official DJ for the super versatile musician Edem’s VRMG (Volta Region Music Group). He also works with Zylofon FM and TV, Rythmz Africa Recording Studio and Tikkles Entertainment. DJ Sedem met with Urban Culture Gh to talk about his latest playlist, Bedtime Stories. 

UC: Why Bedtime Stories?

DS: The name and theme,… (Sighs) We all, after a day’s hustle, we’re definitely going back to our beds. No matter how troublesome or a good day we had, we should be able to sleep with peace of mind and a love heart full of hope. I realized some have it all and others don’t so i decided to tell the listeners what they should hear before they go to bed. And for those who are alone (single), this mixtape should be able to tell them what they need to hear before they sleep. Kids listen to bedtime stories like the Cinderellas, Hansel and Gretel; grownups must listen to love stories too. 

UC: How long did you take to get the entire piece done?

DS: It took me 4 days. I had to gather the songs (playlisting), pre-record (record and listen to it over and over), sent it to some people for pre-listening, did the necessary rearrangements again, before my final recording and a little bit of mastering. 

UC: What do you imagine people doing when they listen to Bedtime Stories?

DS: I imagine people feeling loved again, broken hearts mending, people making out and those already in love should rekindle their loved hearts. 

UC: If this playlist could have an odor, what would it smell like?

DS: It should smell like an early morning  red rose flower. 

UC: If this playlist was food, what would it taste like?

DS: It should taste like honey mixed with a tiny drop of liquidfied ecstasy. 

UC: Which other playlists do you have?

DS: It’s actually a love series so volume 2 and 3 will be released as well, but i have mixes like Dancehall Reggae Covers, RnB Reggae Covers, The Couch Mixtape, Afrobeats, RnB/Hiphop Mixtapes and many more.

UC: What drives you to create playlists?

DS: When my heart tells me do a mixtape, i do one. Even though people (pub owners, commercial drivers and individuals) do request for mixtapes from me and i grant their requests, i still listen to myself first. 

UC: Who are the top 5 on your playlist at the moment?

DS: Top 5….

Edem – Family

Darko Vibes – Tomorrow

Wiyala – Leno

Worlasi ft Sena Dagadu – One Life

M. Anifest ft Bisa K. Dei – Wani Aba

UC: Which other projects are you working on besides Bedtime Stories?

DS: I have 3 song features yet to be released and a lot more coming. 

Enjoy Bedtime Stories below;

Bedtime Stories

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