Do Not Rely On Government For Your Breakthrough – HRH Oscar Doe Counsels Upcoming Generations

Do Not Rely On Government For Your Breakthrough – HRH Oscar Doe Counsels Upcoming Generations

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Multi-millionaire businessman, HRH Oscar Yao Doe recently (in a public post) gave sincere advices to the upcoming generations of Ghanaians as well as the ruling class. While admonishing the next generation of Ghanaians not to rely on the existence of government for their individual breakthroughs in life, he also gave practicable hints on how they can create and achieve their own dreams via imaginative thinking. 

For the political class, the Doscar Group Holdings Chairman sounded it clear again that political office holder do not have the license to self-aggrandizement through their positions. He clearly stated that political offices are not private assets. 

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Message to up and coming generations: do not aim at government existence for your breakthrough! You can create your own dreams through imaginative thinking; (by reading, seeking knowledge, remaining open-minded, avoiding negative gossiping, celebrating successful people from far and near, feeding on success stories that will  nourish your soul, aiming at success with patience and  aggressiveness, being  hungry to succeed through private enterprises and ventures)

Message to politicians in Ghana: please kindly remember that political positions are meant to serve only! Political positions are not private assets. Your political position doesn’t give you the right to become a millionaire! Your political position doesn’t allow you to compete with business owners! You’re duty-bound to see to the success of businesses without any personal returns. Even being a president doesn’t give anyone the right to become a millionaire. It’s forbidden by law! “The president of any country has only one right; he is duty-bound to the oath of office! In any country, the president does not have the right to mingle in legal matters of the land; it’s only the attorney general who has the right by law.” 

The citizenry of any country has an obligation to give the presidency all the necessary respect. 

The appointees of any government don’t automatically become powerful! Their powers are subjected to the rules and regulations of the country by law. Therefore, the powers of political office are not individual and not personal.

So, we are duty-bound not to let people feel they have become powerful (when they occupy political office), but rather, we should encourage them to feel they can deliver. We should remind them to deliver! 

May we open our eyes and minds for our collective good.



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