Don’t Mock Or Poke Fun At People’s Pain – KSM To Comedians

Don’t Mock Or Poke Fun At People’s Pain – KSM To Comedians

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Comedian Kwaku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM, has admonished budding comedians to be careful in selecting their jokes and performances to avoid offending their audience.

His advice comes in the wake of comedian Warris’ recent sour joke about Sarkodie’s daughter, which resulted in a torrent of social media backlash.

KSM revealed that he knew Warris personally and was sure that he meant no harm.

The 61-year-old actor and author recounted a time when he was on stage and Ghana’s then-president, Mr Jerry John Rawlings was part of the audience who came to watch his performance.

According to KSM, he looked at Mr Rawlings and asked him if he had really looted state coffers as was alleged by a section of Ghanaians.

KSM said rather than being angry, Mr Rawlings gave a hearty laughter due to how he (KSM) portrayed the joke and posed the question.

He told Chauffeur Prince Benjamin on Class Drive (CD) on Class 91.3 FM on Thursday, 29 November 2018 in an interview that: “My advice to the up-and-coming comedians is that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. No matter what, you can crack it in a way to get your target himself or herself to think that what you’ve said is funny.”

“No matter how you can handle it and make it funny, stay away from certain things. Put a human face to such jokes. You can crack jokes and make people laugh but for me what guides me is that, I ask myself: is this a mockery of pain or somebody’s suffering?”.

Recalling a joke told by a comedian who appeared to be mocking victims of the 3 June 2015 flood and fire disaster in Accra, the radio and TV personality decried any comical content that pokes fun at people in pain or downplays the severity of disasters.

Two days after his birthday, KSM returns, this month, with a new stand-up comedy routine he calls “KSM Unchained.”



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