Doom Prophecies Are ‘Killing’ Us – Choirmaster

Doom Prophecies Are ‘Killing’ Us – Choirmaster

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It has become common practice for men of God, particularly prophets, to speak publicly about the deaths of celebrities. These negative prophecies about known figures is thought to be used by the prophets as a means of marketing themselves.
While the debate goes on about the appropriateness of their actions, Eugene Baah, popularly known as Choirmaster of Hiplife group, Praye, has condemned the practice.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz about the psychological effect these prophecies have on them, Choirmaster said people were tired of the negative prophecies that are “killing” people.

“Words are powerful and no one in their right senses will be happy about death proclamations on their life. The thought of you knowing that death awaits you especially when you are at the peak of your career will definitely break you down.

“Just imagine being told that you will die in the next few months, how could you even be in the right frame of mind to go about your daily life? You will be down knowing that death can snatch you at any moment and the thought of it can kill you if you are not strong minded,” he stated.

As a Christian, Choirmaster said he is a staunch believer in prophecies but he isn’t pleased with current happenings.

“I think prophecies are real and true but the influx of false prophets in the system has also affected the credibility of prophecies. If we sieve and know the right prophets to listen to, we will receive the right prophecies. It’s unfortunate there are many false prophets in the system now.

According to him, positive things energise people and that is the same with prophecies. “When a prophecy is positive, even if it hasn’t happened yet, you feel energised to work towards achieving it but same cannot be said of doom prophecies,” he stated.

The comeback of Praye last year was one of the best for their fans who has been looking forward to their reunion after their split five years ago.

They had great performances at some events in December including Decemba2Rememba and their debut Gbang Gbai after their reunion is doing great.

Choirmaster told Showbiz there are bigger things in the offing and entreated their fans to support them by patronising their songs. “The support has been massive so far and it’s our prayer that we continue to enjoy it since there are bigger things coming,” he added.




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