Eli A Free – Golden

Eli A Free – Golden

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Singer, songwriter and poet Eli A Free has released an anthem of praise for the African woman. Titled “Golden”, the song is a mid-tempo Afro-soul art produced by Kuvie.

Eli lives up to expectation as a storyteller who uses his craft to tell great stories that mean more to people’s lives. “Golden” speaks of the African woman. The most mentally and physically abused by society and its ideologies of who and what a woman should be at all times.

Stereotyped as weak, broken and in need of help, the African woman is seen by society as a lesser human. However, Eli eulogizes the awesomeness of the African woman, labelling her as golden.

“Golden” is an original score written and sand by Eli A Free for Nestle Ghana Limited as part of the online movie series “Yelo Peppe.

Listen to Golden on Soundcloud:


Eli A Free is a singer and songwriter born and bred in Accra, Ghana. Eli draws his musical influences from Fela Kuti, Nina Simone and Benjamin Clementine, and sees his music career as one of singing, service and sacrifice.



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