Episode’s ‘No War’ To Be Made Peace Campaign Theme Song

Episode’s ‘No War’ To Be Made Peace Campaign Theme Song

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Reggae dancehall singjay  Episode has  added his voice to the many voices calling for calm,  serene and a peaceful atmosphere in the upcoming elections.


Citing the turmoil , chaos ,insecurity and high rate of violence mostly borne out of politics which  has played negative causing lives and hindering development in many countries as example  Episode in the song “No War” stressed  on the need for political parties in particular to work hand in hand in spite their differences in terms of  ideologies in order  to ensure peace prevails before, during and after the elections.


No War which features Stonebwoy Burniton is a single  off the SparJunkiez album which was released on 16 March 2016  at the Grand Papa’s . With many already  calling for the song to be made the main theme song in this electoral season plans however are already advanced in staging a No War tour set to be headlined by Episode under the auspices of Gbevu Music Group.

listen to the song below…



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