Fans Of Patapaa Descend On Gershon Over ‘Unsavoury’ Facebook Post

Fans Of Patapaa Descend On Gershon Over ‘Unsavoury’ Facebook Post

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Gershon Mortey Baah, former Head of Pa2pa Sojas Team, has incurred the wrath of fans of ‘One Corner’ hit maker, Patapaa, over a repulsive post on his facebook wall about the Artiste.

In a post on his facebook wall, Gershon who sounded bitter about his ‘Sweet turn Sour relationship with the Artiste’ described Patapaa as not appreciative.

He also revealed that he was parting ways with the musician over being ‘paid back with evil’and has promised to reveal more information on December 7, 2018

He wrote:“I spent my time, energy and all to make him who he is. I made him a top class artiste, help him traveled all over with all the hype. And in all you wish me evil and pray I am no longer on this earth. As head of the Patupa Solja’s team, I now appoint the current road manager, Freebody, as the new manager.

I wish him well in all his endeavors and I pray he continues to lift Patapaa’s career from the point I am stepping aside to the topmost level. I have done my best and I know God knows I truly have. I have no issues with anyone as I have discussed this with the artiste.

Freebody was with the team and when the former manager, Godfred left, I came in to calm the storm but I have been paid back with evil. This shouldn’t be considered as a form of hype as I am typing this with my feelings.

There have been several events and shows that I have no idea about but my signatures were all over. I have decided not to say much but resign as the head and I pray Freebody does his best to push you to the ultimate level.

More to follow Coming DEC 7th?.

His statement has attracted a lot of backlash from people who believe what he wrote was not right.

Fans of Patapaa interpreted the post to mean a form of hype for the Manager himself and a way to dent the image of vibrant Patapaa who has worked hard to hit the limelight.

Information from reliable sources indicates that there is no official or documented contract between Patapaa and Gershon to back his claim.

Moreover, Gershon has not publicly declared himself as the Manager of Patapaa since Godfred left, so why now?

The public and fans of Patapaa does not recognise him as the Manager, but rather recognises Freebody, the Road Manager

Futhermore, information gathered indicates that the leadership of the Pa2pa Family are also preparing to meet Gershon on December 7 to respond accordingly to his claims.

Source: Emmanuel Antwi



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