FashionGHANA Presents Its July/Aug Issue, The #AfricanDesignerChallenge Issue

FashionGHANA Presents Its July/Aug Issue, The #AfricanDesignerChallenge Issue

Uncategorized Comments Off Presents their latest cover dubbed ‘#AfricanDesignerChallenge’. In an ever-growing world of African fashion and in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter, people around the world are waking up to the importance of taking pride in buying black and wearing their own independent clothing.

However, beyond the glitz and glamour, it seems the concept of African fashion is seeing a revolution that might not necessarily take place for the better if the public doesn’t act on this in full effect. Today we see the concept of African fashion building itself through various characteristics such as African print fabrics, beaded accessories, tribal attributes and more.

This on the other hand is leaving much space for non-Africans to swoop in and create fashion with these ideal characteristics, whilst consuming finances from those that are eager to wear African fashion with the intent of supporting Africa. 
This invisible hand doesn’t only extend to the creation of clothes, but also the running of the industry from events, online stores, fabric production, and more.

We have already witnessed the growth of the African Fashion movement, the title #AfricanDesignerChallenge is to change the narrative to a movement that highlights the pride and promotion of not only rocking clothes with African fashion attributes but instead that which was made and crafted by our very own creatives here in Ghana, Africa and/or worldwide.

The African Designer Challenge is to challenge society into hashtagging the brands and fashion designers they support by Hashtagging #AfricanDesignerChallenge and following with their name on social media.



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