Filling station refused to sell fuel to John Dumelo?

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An eye witness report to of an embarrassing incidence involving actor John Dumelo, has it that a filling station in East Legon (Adjirigano), declined selling fuel to the said actor simply because he campaigned for NDC party.

According to the source, the actor got to the filling station to buy fuel, but after rolling his mirror down, revealing his personality, the attendant said they will not sell the fuel to John. “We won’t sell to you. Go and buy from Mahama” the attendant is alleged to have said. They started hooting at John to leave the premises.

Asked how John reacted, the source said he gave a gentle smile and drove off.

To name and shame, goad our source to mention the name of the filling station but the fellow failed. The source actually pleaded on anonymity – though crestfallen at the incidence.

This is actually not the only ordeal John has endured since he campaigned for NDC. John disclosed on the eve to the election that he has lost several business and endorsement deals ever since he publicly endorsed the candidature of President John Mahama. Dumelo made the revelation on his Instagram page:

“I have been insulted, threatened with death, accused wrongly, framed up and thrown at with stones. I have had endorsement deals canceled and business deals sabotaged.

My crime; I support the NDC. That’s my only crime. You insult me because I dream big, maybe you dream small,” he stated.

However, Dumelo said he is not perturbed by the intimidation. “You want to threaten me because I’m speaking on behalf of millions of voiceless Ghanaians who can see the good works of President John Mahama?

Their voice is in their thumb and it will speak on Dec 7th for JDM…..NPP, dont let the election results surprise you. My name is John Dumelo and I’m voting for JDM. #toaso”




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