Five Popular Musicians Sister Derby Dated

Five Popular Musicians Sister Derby Dated

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It is no longer news that the relationship between 34-year-old Ghanaian singer Deborah Vanessah, aka Sister Derby, and her 27-year-old lover, Medikal, has crashed.

Things had been going on well between the two for almost two years, and Sister Derby even stated that Medikal, a popular rapper, was planning to marry her.

Medikal himself had declared undying love for Sister Deborah, saying that he loved her unconditionally despite their age difference.

Before anyone knew what was going on, however, once blossoming love story hit a snag as their relationship went from sweet to sour. It is not immediately clear what caused the breakup. But Sister Derby has suggested that while they were dating, Medikal was cheating on her with actress Fella Makafui.

This accusation is the subject of “kakalika”, the viral song Sister Derby released to mock ladies who enter into secret relationships with other women’s boyfriends.

The song, which many Ghanaian young ladies have latched onto, has been performed and shared thousands of times online already. This has given Sister Derby a great boost in her ongoing beef with Medikal and his newfound love, Fella Makafui.

That notwithstanding, this latest breakup is especially painful for Sister Derby because it adds to a series of heartbreaks she has suffered in recent years. To make matters worse, the beautiful “African mermaid” is, at 34, not growing any younger.

Another interesting thing is that she seems to have a weakness for musicians, as she is always entering into relationships with them.

Apart from Medikal, Sister Derby has dated at least four other top musicians, according to a report Ghanaweb sighted on TindstarGH TV’s Youtube channel.

Unfortunately, however, none of the relationships went the distance.

Watch the video below to learn the five popular musicians Sister Derby dated in the past.




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