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Lynx Entertainment, one of the contemporary media production outfits in

Ghana rose to prominence in 2007 when they unleashed new faces and talents

unto the Ghanaian music scene, primarily producing Hip Hop & R&B styled

tracks. The main man behind the Lynx Entertainment success story in the

public domain is the man Richie Mensah who was synonymous with the

slogan, “you know the name right”. A young Richie took Ghana by storm with

his young record label, and within a short time he was a household name. His

ability to sing and also produce incredible instrumentals which well suits the

type of song he’s producing made him stand tall.

He personally churned out great R&B influenced songs with a blend of

contemporary highlife such as ‘Frema’ making his music generally accepted

among music lovers. He did not do it alone but with the help of talented rapper

Asem. Together they released some of the finest collaborations the music

scene experienced such as ‘When I Get U’ and currently being missed. They

paved way for a new breath of fresh ideas and style of music that we are

currently enjoying.

Lynx Entertainment instantly became the toast of every upcoming act and also

existing acts who needed a revamp for their music and brand as a whole. They

signed on new acts such as Eazzy, O.J. Blaq, Zigi, and Irene Logan. However,

contrary to the expected or better still not so surprisingly they fell out as most

artistes and their managers end up. The reasons vary from one artistes to the

other. However, the hard fact is that the fallout has not been favourable for

these acts who were once ‘Lynx Entertainment Soldiers’. They are not as

appealing as they used to be when they were with Lynx Entertainment as their

popularity has somewhat dwindled.


Asem jumped on the music scene with his famous hit track ‘Give Me Blow’

produced by Richie of Lynx Entertainment. His style of rap was so catchy that

the youth embraced him. He also revolutionized a trend of rap which the

current rappers are following. Asem simply made rap appealing and his lyrics

worth paying attention to that he was featured on many songs. His ability to

fuse English with Twi and Pidgin English made his verses impressive not

forgetting his witty and somewhat suggestive lyrics which he carelessly

delivered. However, the love story between Asem and Lynx Entertainment

came to an abrupt end shortly after his controversial rape saga. Some of

Asem’s songs with Lynx include:

 Give Me Blow

 Give Me Blow (remix) featuring. Tinny, Andy Dosty & Bradez

 Pigaro

 Lickel Girl

 Akokodro

 No More Kpayor


Eazzy, considered as the first lady of Lynx Entertainment, she came out with a

steamy, saucy and daring image of a female rapper with an attitude. She was

the only female rapper signed to the label at the time. Richie produced great

beats for her songs and she delivered well on them. Her debut single ‘Bͻ

Wonsεm Mame’ was not an average start but ‘Wεngεzε’ made her blow up.

She also left Lynx Entertainment on an unexpected note. Even though she’s

moved on to work with production houses, she is not as popular as she with

Lynx Entertainment. Some of Eazzy’s songs with Lynx include:

 Bͻ Wonsεm Mame

 Wεngεzε

 One Girl featuring Richie


O.J. Blaq before joining Lynx Entertainment was an actor who had gained some

popularity on screen for his involvement with the camp us based series

‘Suncity’. His huge physique and well-kept beard gave him an artistic look

already so it was not difficult to sell his image as a rapper. His lively nature also

aided in making his very short music popularity worthwhile during his working

days with the “Hitman” Richie. He had the flare for rap but not without some

assistance from fellow label mate Asem who wrote a couple of songs for him.

He left Lynx Entertainment eventually and his music career has been missing

and it is yet to be found. Some of O.J. Blaq’s songs with Lynx include:

 Chalewote featuring Asem & Captain Planet (4×4)

 Galanja

 W’akoma Yε Me Target


He was considered the Prince of Lynx Entertainment when he joined in the

label 2009. He had an executive outward appearance usually seen in suit and

tie. He released his debut album ‘The Prince of Pop’ in 2011. ‘He had a

promising and impressive start as he chalked three nominations at the 2012

Ghana Music Awards for ‘Best New Artiste of the Year’, ‘Afro-Pop Song of the

Year’ and ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’. He went on to win the award for

‘Afro-Pop Song of the Year’ with ‘You Say Wetin’. After the fallout between him

and Lynx Entertainment, Zigi is currently struggling to bounce back to his once

sudden fame. I recently gathered that he is planning to record the remix of

‘You Say Wetin’, a song he released about four years ago and is likely to

feature rapper Kofi Kinaata. Some of Zigi’s songs with Lynx include:

 You Say Wetin

 Amanda featuring Sonni Balli

 Let’s Get It Started featuring Eazzy


After winning the maiden edition of ‘Stars of The Future’ and recording a joint

album with second runner-up, Jane (now Efya), Irene Logan’s first major hit

single was ‘Runaway’ which featured Asem. After leaving Lynx Entertainment

she has done well for herself as an artiste but not as vibrant as she was when

she was with the aforementioned record label.

Currently, Lynx Entertainment has one notable signee in the person of MzVee

who is making waves as all these other artistes used to when they were with

the label. This goes to prove that Lynx Entertainment has the midas touch

when it comes to artiste management and development. Richie Mensah in a

recent interview stated that he is not willing to work with any artiste for now

but is solely concentrating on MzVee. Could there be a Lynx Entertainment

reunion if he finally decides to work with other artistes again?

Written by: Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr.



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