‘Furious’ Mr. Logic Slams ‘Disrespectful’, ‘Petty’ Strongman

‘Furious’ Mr. Logic Slams ‘Disrespectful’, ‘Petty’ Strongman

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Music producer and entertainment analyst Mr. Logic is peeved after Strongman sniped at him following a remark he made about the rapper’s performance on ‘Riddim of the gods’.

Mr. Logic while reviewing the versions of EL, Sarkodie, Teephlow and Strongman on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Tuesday, noted that he was not impressed with Strongman’s and suggested the young rapper redoes his version. 

“Strongman’s verse on Riddim of the gods is the weakest,” he mentioned.

Unhappy about the comment, Strongman took a swipe at Mr. Logic. In a tweet, he said: “Coming from a man who has not given me a pen before but said I’m ungrateful, someone who said I’m disrespectful for saying the truth about the hammer issue, I’m not shocked. Bro I’m bigger than hate do something better. #TooMuchWeed.”

The rebuttal touched the nerve of Mr. Logic as he flared up on Wednesday’s edition of the show. What seemed to have angered him the most was Strongman’s suggestion that he [Logic] made no logical argument because he is on weed.

“I was expecting much from Strongman. He does well with rhymes. What I heard yesterday wasn’t the Strongman that I know. It’s such an impudence for him to go off Twitter, saying I am under the influence of weed,” Mr. Logic fumed with rage.

“I am one of the people who said Strongman was being kept beneath on his label. No one paid attention to that until I said he betrayed Sarkodie, then they said I hate the guy. I do not hate Strongman. They should stop all this hate tag. It’s so petty the way they are going about this thing… He should know he’s speaking to an elderly person. I’m not a kid. The disrespect is becoming too much in the industry,” he added.

Listen to Strongman’s version below


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