Ghana Cocktail Festival 2018 Lives A Lasting Impression On The Minds Of Everyone

Ghana Cocktail Festival 2018 Lives A Lasting Impression On The Minds Of Everyone

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90 degrees Ghana staged a resplendent sophomore of Ghana Cocktail
Festival this year with the Crème de la crème in the hospitality sector at the
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, running for two solid days (September 29 to
30). Most notably are the beverage companies, bartenders, mixologists,
exhibitors, buyers, sellers and almost every single individual with an
interest in the cocktail.
The event didn't fall short of the glory the maiden edition brought to the
country last year when Crystal Park in East Legon hosted the close to a
similar set of interested parties. Representatives from the office of the
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture opened the event with a short
ceremony, after which the exhibition and the full activities began for the
various companies that came to showcase their products.
Day one had a tall list of companies – Kasapreko, Shockas, Campari,
Malabar spiced liqueur, Jing Chinese herbal liquor, Aqua Safari, Club Beer,
St Remy martins, Gihoc distilleries, Green Edis hospitality training et al all
introducing their new products to the eager clients, hotel guests and visitors
who couldn't help than to try some of the mixes provided on the day by
these companies in excited atmosphere nourished by good music served by
DJ Adviser from Happy FM.
Day two was heavily garnished with a performance from DWP Academy
ushering and transforming the entire scene into a party. One of Africa’s
finest mixologists, Savy Flair from Congo put up a spectacular display
carrying patrons into the night and climaxing it with bartenders
competition. Each company rally solidly behind its bartender as the

competition got keener with companies such as Aqua Safari, Malabar,
Campari, Shockas coconut hub and more gave the rest a swift run for their
money. Aqua Safari’s Nana Alabi and Shockas coconut hub picked the first
and second crowned respectively in the Mixology competition.
And to top it all, the Best Bar Award was won by Shockas coconut hub due
to their exceptional bar set up and services rendered and didn’t face any
rejection from patrons because they were inevitably the best for both days.
All in all, the sophomore edition of Ghana Cocktail Festival lived a lasting
impression on the minds of all due to the sponsorship package from Club
Shandy Bosoe and Bel-Aqua Ghana.
Already patrons are looking forward to the next instalment in 2019.



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